The goal of this site is to create a collection of thoughts on various works of science fiction that I have read or watched. The posts on this site could be considered reviews as I intend to give an overall rating on how much I enjoyed it, but it is more accurate to think of it is a blog. This blog focuses entirely on science fiction as that is the genre that I enjoy the most. My intentions are not to convince anyone to read a particular book just because I happened to think highly of it or dissuade someone from reading something because I did not enjoy it. It is merely a place for myself to collect my thoughts after having experienced a work of science fiction. Whether or not anyone else will find that useful is unknown.

“Science fiction can be defined as that branch of literature which deals with the reaction of human beings to changes in science and technology..” – Isaac Asimov

So where does the alias IzzyData come from? The Izzy part comes from an old stuffed lizard toy named Lizzy. The Data part while simply being a word to refer to some information and thus being Izzy’s data is also a reference to one of my favorite Star Trek characters.

“My name. It is pronounced ‘Day-ta’. You called me ‘Dah-ta’. One is my name. The other is not.” – Lt. Commander Data

You might also be asking what is the deal with the green snake? I have no idea. I thought it looked nice at various resolutions as a profile picture and have used it long enough to have it grow on me. After all a snake is just a lizard without legs like an Izzy is just a Lizzy without an L.